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What does vigorous mean?

It means to be energetic and powerful at the same time.

Noun: -vigorousness

Adjective: -overvigorous

Examples: –

  • The need for you to be vigorous when you are chopping off fire wood is something very important.
  • Just because she wanted to get a wonderful look for the wedding, it was upon Gloria to try and take on a vigorous exercise program that would help to decrease two sizes.
  • If you want to lose weight without having to worry about visiting the gymnasium, then visit one of those vigorous adventure camps. You will surely end up losing a lot of weight without visiting a mundane gymnasium.
  • It is only after giving birth to a child that the actress went on a vigorous plan of exercise that enabled her to get back her previous shape without any kind of problems.
  • A lot can be said from a person that undergoes a vigorous schedule on a daily basis and someone that prefers to work only for his benefit and at his own leisure.

Fantasy Football 101 – Scoring System and Roster Requirements

When participating in a fantasy football league, it is important that you know the scoring system and roster requirements of the league. These two things will determine how you approach the draft.

Quarterbacks are more valuable in leagues where passing touchdowns are worth six points than they are in leagues where passing TDs are worth four. Running backs who are a big part of the passing game are more valuable in PPR leagues (Points Per Reception) than backs who primarily carry the ball. In PPR leagues, you probably did well if you had Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy who not only broke 1000 yards rushing but added 592 receiving yards on 78 catches during the 2010 season. Also in PPR fantasy football leagues, wide receivers who are targeted often are better than those who are not. Roddy White of the Falcons, Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals, and Reggie Wayne of the Colts were the most targeted wide receivers in the NFL in the 2010 season. All three finished in the top four in receptions. Check our guide on smart soccer ball reviews

Starting lineup requirements also play a role in determining your fantasy football draft strategy. In leagues where you can only start two running backs, you should use the first two rounds to draft a running back and wide receiver while if you are able to start three, you may want to begin by drafting two running backs. Grabbing a stud wide receiver early is not as important in leagues that start only two wide outs as they are in leagues that start three. Check if you are in a league where you can start a tight end. The are very few top tight ends so being able to snag one of the top 3 will only benefit you.

If you participate in a fantasy football league that offers a flex or utility position, see what positions are eligible. If only running backs and wide receivers are eligible, RBs have more opportunities to touch the ball than WRs. Because of this, running backs are usually the better option to fill the flex position. However, if you can use a quarterback for the flex position, it is more to your advantage to use a QB at the flex position whenever possible.

Finally, if your fantasy football league offers distance scoring, a premium is put on those that make big plays. In 2010, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace had 10 touchdowns with 5 of those coming on plays of 40 yards or more. Quarterback Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers led the league with 14 passes of 40 or more yards. Another area to keep in mind regarding distance scoring is special teams. Players like Devin Hester are much more valuable in leagues that include distance scoring than in leagues that do not.

Taking the time to understand the scoring system and roster requirements of your fantasy football league play a big part in how well your team will do.

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