It means to be energetic and powerful at the same time.

Noun: -vigorousness

Adjective: -overvigorous

Examples: –

  • The need for you to be vigorous when you are chopping off fire wood is something very important.
  • Just because she wanted to get a wonderful look for the wedding, it was upon Gloria to try and take on a vigorous exercise program that would help to decrease two sizes.
  • If you want to lose weight without having to worry about visiting the gymnasium, then visit one of those vigorous adventure camps. You will surely end up losing a lot of weight without visiting a mundane gymnasium.
  • It is only after giving birth to a child that the actress went on a vigorous plan of exercise that enabled her to get back her previous shape without any kind of problems.
  • A lot can be said from a person that undergoes a vigorous schedule on a daily basis and someone that prefers to work only for his benefit and at his own leisure.